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Welcome to limbermen. Last update (weekly updates): (back from the dead after 5 years) Updates somewhat regularly mail me if you are flexible!
When looking at all the flexibility related sites on the internet one might think that it's an exclusively female domain. Well, with adequate training, men can achieve quite some range of movement.

Here you will find a lot of images and informations about men's efforts in flexibility. Check out the pictures and the links.
See live performers add performanceEngagements add your request (this costs $0 !)
  • Lazaru Gitu is touring until march 2008 in germany with circus Mama Afrika
  • Mukhtar is playing wintercircus (Netherlands) winter 2005/2006
  • Ronald and Sebastian Sankar are touring with circus Barnum & Bailey in USA
  • Pierre-Antoine Dussouillez currently in 'La Vie Parisienne' at the 'Opéra Comique' in Paris.
  • Tachev now to be seen in New Yorc City
  • Daniel Browning Smith appears in the NBA halftimes, and other places. See complete schedule here
  • Circus Circus Agency handles jobs for eastern Europe.
  • André Luiz looks for engagement
  • Justin is available for booking
  • theatre Coroent in Athens, Greece looks for innovative acts for a circus theatre theme "Around the World". Contact Christine Mourelatou
  • If you want to appear as contortionsist or with any other unique talent in Ripley's believew it or not contact Shana Joseph
  • A network of event-agencies is offering its services. Just mail to
  • Studio Male Models in The Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia area require photo stock for their image library and need you to pose for their photographer. This is paid per hour work, or you can get copies of all the photos for your own use instead. Mail to: Dennis Sturgess.
  • Rubber Ritchie is looking for employment as artist.
  • George 'Roshe' Tashev is still looking for an engagmenet as male contortionist
  • Videos
  • Get exclusive video footage of Jamie, Georgi, Philipp and Massimiliano from the last International Contortion Convention for 70 EUR (DVD or VHS)
  • Roger Sherman has 7 male video tapes for sale. Each video is about 2 hours in length. Most of this footage is contortion, and flexibility recorded from T.V. or with his own video camera from live events. The cost is 39.95$ per video.
    If interested, mail him or write to:
    Roger Sherman,
    1649 Washburn ave,
    Corona, California, 92882.
    or just order them online
  • email: For instructions see below also how to view realvideo (.rm files)
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  • Vice Versa from cirque du soleil
  • Lars Howe male contortionist
  • Alexander Viligosca equilibristic
  • Wolfgang Binzle wheel artist (9 Jun 1998)
  • Vladimir Tzarkov juggler
  • Smail from Morocco
  • Ronald & Sebastian male contortionists (must see!!!)
  • Oleg Izossimov equilibristic
  • Yuri Balabanov gymnast
  • China boys from chinese circus
  • Alexander Wiche dancer (29 Nov 1998)
  • Peres brothers hand acrobats
  • Mukhtar 'Spiderman' Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev male contortionist
  • Anatoliy Zalievskiy equilibristic
  • Jesus Hernan Amestica equilibristic
  • Anton Riss male contortionist (29 Nov 1998)
  • Pedro Kupfer Yogi (29 Nov 1998)
  • Jeff Brennen
  • Daniel Browning Smith male contortionist
  • Kim Silver karateka (29 Nov 1998)
  • Jonathan Nosan
  • Krzysztof Rojek
  • Ron Smoorenburg karateka
  • Andrei male contortionist
  • Pierre Beauchemin male contortionist
  • Yogi Baird violonist
  • capoeira
  • Martial Arts
  • Hugo Zamoratte male contortionist
  • Sergie Druzhina male contortionist
  • George Tashev male contortionist
  • Charkov Brothers male contortionists
  • Sven & Roy male contortionists
  • Andre Sidersky yogi
  • Fred Brown yogi
  • Tigris male contortionist
  • Ju Jutsu Demo Team
  • Moussa Huit Huit male contortionist
  • Ibashi-I male contortionist
  • Frank Laure acrobat
  • Prudnikov equilibrist
  • Rubber Ritchie vegan male contortionist
  • Berkin Bolatov male contortionist
  • Michiel male contortionist
  • Lazer male contortionist
  • Captain Frodo male contortionist
  • Danil and Kirill Kalutskih male contortionists
  • Pierre-Antoine Dussouillez cancan dancer
  • Anatoliy Zenchenko yogi
  • Roma Rokotyol yogi
  • Yoga Sports
  • Archie Bennet contortionist
  • Alexander Sharkov equilibrist
  • Jamie male contortionist ICC
  • Phil male contortionist ICC
  • Massimiliano yoga instructor
  • Richard Sandrak body builder
  • Andreas AhrYoga instructor
  • Ravi the Scorpion Mystic male contortionist
  • Kelvin Gordon male contortionist
  • Vadim Petchinski male contortionist
  • Sapo male contortionist
  • Aram Gamzaev male contortionist
  • Philippe yogi / martial artist
  • Marco martial artist
  • Igor male contortionist
  • Lazaru Gitu, Hassan Mohamed and Wowogodscho male contortionists
  • Sadhus from India
  • Jose Roberto Alvarez Vargas male contortionist
  • Vladimir Kalabin yogi
  • Zebastian Hunter male contortionist
  • Sebastian male contortionist
  • Justin "Scarecrow" male contortionist
  • Dan Power male contortionist
  • Charly Ross male contortionist
  • David de la Piedra male contortionist
  • Ruben Orihuela male Rythmic Gymnast
  • Ndux Malax african acrobats
  • Yoga Championships yogis
  • André Luiz male contortionist
  • Christopher Oakley male contortionist and circus artist
  • African Acrobatics Circus
  • Felix pilates trainer and circus artist
  • Matej Jurenka Hatha yoga instructor
  • Koray aerobic gymnast
  • Esak Garcia Yogi
  • Dima Shine male handbalancer (!)
  • Paul Zaichik martial arts flexibility trainer
  • Orion male contortionist acrobat
  • Dova male contortionist actor
  • Stephen & Christophermale contortionist duo ICC
  • Daniel Alejandro Maldonado male contortionist
  • Logan Jacot male contortionist
  • Rodion Girgenov male contortionist
  • Alexey Goloborodko male dancing contortionist
  • rubberlegz
  • Ivan & Misha acrobats
  • Javier Franciotti personal trainer
  • John Gunnar contortion and acrobatics trainer
  • Maxlastic male contoritonist
  • Rudolph Delmonte male contortionist
  • Fabio Freixeda yoga instructor
  • Rocky Rendall male contortionist
  • Chris Cross male contortionist and magician
  • Shaz Perez brakdancer
  • Cem and Can Baba-Ogul acrobats
  • Kiros Hadgu male contortionist
  • Cesar male contortionist
  • AL Millar male contortionist
  • Fleeky Flaco male contortionist
  • Saidou Conde male contortionist
  • Milo Gonzales male contoritonist
  • Evgeny Rudenko male contortionist
  • The Twisted Kiros male contortionist
  • The Mystic male contortionist
  • Santeri Koivisto male contortionist
  • Odgerel Gombo male contortionist
  • Elliott Gittelsohn male contortionist
  • David Pereira male contortionist
  • Fateh male contortionist
  • Lesch male contortionist
  • Evgeny Svyatets male contortionist
  • Tommaso male contortionist
  • Vladislav Alabuzhev male contortionist
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  • Various (sorted by date) collected from places on the net.
  • from George
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  • from John
  • from Michael
  • from Ricardo
  • from Alex
  • from Tony
  • from Rick
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  • from stuki
  • from Rolf


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  • Dean Parks (29 Nov 1998)
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  • George
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  • Clifton Gerry
  • Tim
  • Stephen P
  • Damon
  • David
  • Michael
  • Pedi
  • Erick
  • Artur
  • andrew
  • Jared
  • Zhou-zhengen
  • Kickbox Rocky
  • Venom
  • Fabio
  • Odie
  • Gabriel
  • Richard
  • deafgymnast
  • Benjalil
  • Robert
  • Trevor
  • Frank H
  • Rudolph
  • Scott
  • Stefan
  • Jason
  • Jamie S.
  • Chris
  • Vadim
  • Paul Z
  • Ben
  • Hanz
  • Marcelo
  • UFO
  • Hector
  • Sanket
  • Jesus
  • Danilo
  • Omar Mashaly


  • Human ABC

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