Frank's pictures

born 1985 and living in Roseville, MI USA

He is self taught and did not take any active interest in contortion until 2003. He has been invovled with winterguard for the past several years, and has made use of his contortion abilities therein.

He plans to devote more time in the near future to bringing himself to a higher level.

Please contact him via myspace or via email


BY1.jpg 44 K
BY2.jpg 32 K
BY3.jpg 44 K
BY4.jpg 79 K
BY5.jpg 55 K
BY6.jpg 42 K
BY7.jpg 37 K
BY8.jpg 27 K
BY9.jpg 16 K
LR1.jpg 168 K
LR2.jpg 41 K
LR3.jpg 45 K
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