Jeff Brennan

Currently appearing in the Jim Rose Circus. Theese shots are from the Guiness Book of Records TV show where he also showed his squeezing through the opening of a tennis racket and here is more tennis squeezing.
Thanks to LimberJim for the grabbs.

JBrennen1.jpg 37 K
JBrennen2.jpg 34 K
armtrick01.jpg 46 K
armtrick02.jpg 45 K
armtrick03.jpg 45 K
armtrick04.jpg 39 K
armtrick05.jpg 40 K
armtrick06.jpg 41 K
armtrick07.jpg 40 K
armtrick08.jpg 47 K
armtrick09.jpg 49 K
armtrick10.jpg 50 K
armtrick11.jpg 49 K
armtrick12.jpg 50 K
armtrick13.jpg 49 K
armtrick14.jpg 42 K
armtrick15.jpg 41 K
armtrick16.jpg 42 K 17 K 13 K 12 K 12 K 11 K
new 50 K

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guinness.jpg 54 K
guinness2.jpg 55 K
guinness3.jpg 58 K

Thanks to LimberJim for the framegrabbs.