Viviana Sanchez, Managing Director of The National Company of Mexico

It is very easy to work with him because he is a ballet dancer as well as a choreographer. In the course of rehearsals we changed the music of his performance several times. Despite all he was not embarrased. He always gets ready a perfect show and gives his best , and he does it really excellent. He develops completely on his own the idea and the meaning of the character in the performance.

How pleasant it is to work with him."

Magda Cancinos, Choreographer

George is a great professional, an actor who feels the audience and holds the scene entirely. He made the show specially for this performance. It is a universal dance, viewed from all sides, a costume, made just for his role of The Master of the Dead in fluorescent lights; choreography done in a refined style. He dances with a mask on his face , and in spite of all that he gives the spectators all feelings and moods of his character: power, might, aggression, dynamism.. and this all-done only by arm gestures and body moving

It could be nothing better than this

A Spectator

I watched the show for the second time and one of the three performances to amaze me was the dancing of Rubber-man. That is something unique and it is worth to see live performance. An incredible costume, amazing ease and precision this is his dance.

France Soir 13.12.2001

The Grand Circus of Mexico

Mise-en-scene is carefully wrapped in fairy lights which mix from time to time. As you can see that when skeletons from The Kingdom of the Death perform their horror-dance round Rubber-man filling him with light .

France Soir, 20.12.2001

Rubber-man makes a magnificent show because of its wide emotional intensity. A pedestal covered in a black mantel is placed on the stage. You can see skeletons to dance around, wandering souls from beyond the grave

Bell ring, stillnesss, Deafening rumble is moving the sleepy pedestal and something is creeping under the mantel, and it is coming into view a ball of substance.

You can see how arms, a head, a body, legs, are forming

This all looks shocking in Ultra-violet light. From the very beginning a spectator is dependent on his power. Although the dancer has a mask on his face he provokes different emotions in the audience by only gestures of his arms and moving his body like power arisen from an unknown place, from somewhere, power unknown what for good or for evil. A creature in human form but not in origin , a creature looking for unknown what, who makes spectators wonder at such a performance. There is not time for applause. Rubberman is going from a trick into a trick very quickly, and the next exclamation of delight is wrested from the audience.

And it is like this until the end of the show.

Le jurnal du Dimanche 23.12.2001

The most wonderful trick is of a 33-year-old Bulgarian George Tashev dances rolling his body up into ball and unrolling, and does it in semi-darkness. Enjoying circus also means to be master of making audience shout in horror