Anatoliy Zalievskiy

From Ukrainia, born 1974, was junior champion in wrestling and vice-champion in 1500m. He visited the circus school of Kiev. Won gold medal in the category 'circus of tomorrow' at the 21th Festival du Cirque de Demain in Paris, and a golden clown at the 23rd Festival of Monte Carlo (and it was the first time ever that someone got standing ovations in Monaco).

His act, which he created for a cabaret in Kiev, combines perfect equlibrism with graceful movements of a dancer. One of the nicest and spectactular equilibristic acts in circus history.
Anatoly sees his performance not as an circus act but as self-protrait. He searches a perfection of lines. He glides like if he is weightless from one position into the next. Moments of grace...

The pictures with letters (b,c) are from his appearance in Monte Carlo, the other pictures are from Paris.
And a realvideo file (4MB) from his appearance in Traumtänzer.

And the music as a midi file is One Man's Dream from Yanni.


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