Ronald & Sebastian

This is Ronald and his father Sebastian Sankar from British Guyana (south america). This bendy family was first filmed in 1994 where Ronald was 9 years. Many thanks to Gerd "Grassy" Rasquin for the pictures.

They performed 1998 in the Swiss circus Fliegenpilz. Their currect performace is so incredible that you HAVE to see it if you are a real contortion fan.

Appeared feb 1999 in Hamburg

Circus Flic Flac from April 17th 1999 in Würzburg (germany).

Tour 2001 in the netherlands

Tour 2002 in Finland

Tour 2003 Zirkus Sarrasani in Germany

Tour 2007 with Barnum & Bailey


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Look at this sensational picture showing Ronald and Janine doing a close backbend. World exclusive document! Thanks Gerd!

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