Daniel Browning Smith the Rubberboy's 2005/2006 apprearances

Keep an eye out for his M-azing candy bar commercial in the USA
He will be guest starring on "Monk" on the USA network, date unknown,
episode "Monks Big Reward"

He has recurring role in HBO's Carnivale's 2nd season re-airing now

He has a cameo in the major motion film "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" opening now.

Here is his upcoming schedule:
Nov 7 - Chicago Bulls NBA halftime

Nov 8 - Atlanta Hawks NBA halftime

Nov 9 - Harper College half hour stage show

Nov 11 - Washington Wizard NBA halftime

Nov 12 - Milwaukee Bucks NBA halftime

Nov 18 - Penn State NCAA halftime

Nov 19 - Boise Stampede CBA halftime

Nov 21 - Boise Stampede CBA halftime

Dec 2 - Seattle Sonics NBA halftime

Dec 9 - Cleveland Cavaliers NBA halftime

Dec 16 - Philadelphia 76er NBA halftime

Dec  17 - Des Moines NCAA tournament halftime

Jan 13 - Sioux Falls SkyForce CBA halftime

Feb 4 - Oklahoma City Hornets NBA halftime

Feb 8 - U of W NCAA halftime

Feb 15 - Orlando Magic halftime

March 10 - Indianapolis Big Ten NCAA tournament

March 11 - Salt Lake City Jazz NBA halftime

March 15 - Houston Rocket NBA halftime

April 4 - Dallas Mavericks NBA halftime

May 14 - Louisville Bats MiBL inning breaks

July 7 - Louisville Bats MiBL inning breaks

August 18 - Reading Phillies MiBL inning breaks

August 19 - Lakewood BlueClaws MiBL inning breaks

August 20 - Trenton Thunder MiBL inning breaks